is a Computer-based training, Web-based training, Internet based training, online training, e-learning (electronic learning), m-learning (mobile learning), computer-aided distance education – online education goes by many names and comes in a variety of styles, but at its core:

“Online education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher/student interaction and the distribution of class materials.”

From this simple definition comes an almost infinite number of ways to teach and learn outside of traditional classrooms and away from college campuses. With online education, students can turn anywhere with Internet access and electricity into a classroom.

When used to its full potential, online education has been shown to be more effective than pure face-to-face instruction. It can be engaging, fun and tailored to fit almost anyone’s schedule.

If you’re new to computers, we can help. These tutorials will help empower you to be more comfortable with this type of technology, from learning the parts of a computer to using a mouse.

“Computer Education… Why?
There had been a tremendous development in the IT Scenario in the last few years. Technology has been creating an extra edge for the users in almost every field. Right from business man to employees, executives, housewives, students, everyone needs Computer education.
Computers have started playing a critical role in our day to day life. Though large number of students graduates every year from various Computer institutions, yet there in a shortage of numerous Computer Professionals in the country. This is because the Job opportunities in the IT field are out numbering the skilled Professionals.

WHO WE ARE is a different types of thought about online courses and tutorials. provides  indian english and Hindi language to explain the subject in simple ways. it’s cheaper and best This is the  reason why online learning has become so courses and tutorials are easily accessible on much smaller budget. is providing an online education portal for any body who want to learn online course and online tutorials. Anybody Can simply access and learn a wide range of online courses with tutorial and programs anytime and anywhere in the world within All our courses are simple language ,quality videos with quality contents and personalised and have gone through several quality checks before being made available online.. tagline is we are different. ऑनलाइन पाठ्यक्रम और ट्यूटोरियल के बारे में एक अलग प्रकार का विचार है। सरल तरीके से विषय को समझाने के लिए भारतीय अंग्रेजी और हिंदी भाषा प्रदान करता है। यह सस्ता और सबसे अच्छा है यही कारण है कि ऑनलाइन शिक्षण इतना लोकप्रिय हो गया है: .ऑनलाइन पाठ्यक्रम और ट्यूटोरियल बहुत छोटे बजट पर आसानी से उपलब्ध हैं। किसी भी निकाय के लिए एक ऑनलाइन शिक्षा पोर्टल प्रदान कर रहा है जो ऑनलाइन पाठ्यक्रम और ऑनलाइन ट्यूटोरियल सीखना चाहते हैं। कोई भी व्यक्ति के भीतर दुनिया में कभी भी और कहीं भी ट्यूटोरियल और कार्यक्रमों के साथ ऑनलाइन पाठ्यक्रमों की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला का उपयोग और सीख सकता है। हमारे सभी पाठ्यक्रम सरल भाषा, गुणवत्ता वाली सामग्री और व्यक्तिगत वीडियो हैं और ऑनलाइन उपलब्ध होने से पहले कई गुणवत्ता जांचों से गुजरे हैं। टैगलाइन है कि हम अलग हैं।

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